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A Picture By J Winkle Of The Rest Of Our RottweilersOur second Rottweiler – Scanian Bardot (Molly) was born in October 1996 and came to live with us when she was ten months old. Trena Flowers, her breeder, was looking for a pet home for Molly and we thought it would be a good idea for Jazzie to have some company. When we brought Molly home from London our middle son Daniel ‘adopted’ her (or was it the other way round!!) Molly now commutes between our house and Daniel’s, staying with us during the day while he is at work and going home with him in the evenings.

Molly (Scanian Bardot)
Molly (Scanian Bardot)

Sadly on 15th July 2005 Molly, after never having had a days’ illness in her life, lost her very brave but mercifully brief battle with bone cancer. I could not have asked for more expert and compassionate care for her than received by my vet Miss Fil Page and her nursing staff at the Damory Veterinary Clinic.

Molly has left a large hole in our hearts and lives but we will never forget her, she truly was Daniel’s best friend. Bella is doing all she can to make us smile again.

Although Molly has gone we have such fond memories of her.

I remember the time I came back from doing the weekly shopping and as I approached the front door with my keys she jumped up at the door and promptly activated the dead lock. Obviously I was unable to open the door so I then had to walk over a mile to the nearest telephone kiosk (before the advent of owning a mobile) and call Daniel who then had to leave where he was working in order to come home, climb through a very narrow window and let me in. After that episode we removed the dead lock mechanism from the door so that wouldn’t happen again.

Molly would never, ever get in the back of Daniel’s van with Bella, she always had to sit in the front “riding shotgun”.

We often wonder how Jessica was ever conceived as I do believe that Molly always slept on Daniel and Donna’s bed and I am sure Donna trained her to sleep in the middle of it, should Daniel try and get amorous, Molly was there to defend Donna’s honour!!!

Molly dogs you were in my life,
Before my wife and daughter,
Our time together,
I shall treasure,
Your memory will never leave me.

I will love you forever.

Daddy xxxx

Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge dear Molly.


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Our third Rottweiler Reizend Sweetest Feeling at Overbecks J W (Scully) HDS 3:2 was born in December 1997, being a repeat mating of Ch. Fernwood Horatio and Audaxus Icenic Mystique which produced the very well known Ch. Reizend Earth Wind and Fire.

Reizend Sweetest Feeling
at Overbecks J W (Scully)
Feel The Force of Bergmann (Dennis)

Scully is the most laid back dog I have ever known, nothing phases her and she will do anything for anybody as long as there is food involved.

In her showing career Scully has achieved two Best Puppy in Shows and gained her Junior Warrant at the age of 14 months, thus ensuring her place in the Kennel Club Stud Book and qualifying for Crufts for life. We continued to show Scully successfully and at four years of age we decided that we would like to have a litter of puppies from her. This was achieved and eleven puppies were born in January 2002. The sire of the puppies was Mrs Wendy Hilliers Feel The Force of Bergmann HDS 3:2 (whose wins include 2 - CCs, 1 - RCCs, Working Group 1 at SKC 2003 and Best in Show at Frome).

Since first writing this web page Feel The Force Of Bergmann has gained his Champion status - well done Dennis.

At the age of eight weeks Scully’s puppies went to their new homes from Norfolk in the East to Guernsey in the South West. Over the past few months it has been lovely to hear from delighted owners who truly love and worship their puppies, and after all that’s all we want.

Very sadly another of my favourite friends has gone. Scully was put to sleep on 02nd April 2008 at the age of ten years. She had been diagnosed with a a brain tumour two years ago and very slowly she deteriorated and because we can choose for our dogs, the decision with consultation from my vet, Dave Harding, was inevitably made. She was put to sleep in the garden of the surgery, lying amongst the primroses. Last night there was a full moon and my grandaughter, Jessica, aged four maintains that, that is where all the Rottweilers go and so now we add another one that we say goodnight to.


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Our fourth Rottweiler, a dog born in September 1998 and bred by Mrs C Robinson – Reizend Masterblaster from Overbecks (Vince) HDS 5:4 is the sire of Jazzies second litter. You could not wish for a more even tempered dog, so very tolerant of the puppies and as laid back as Scully which is what we would expect as they are very closely related. Vince thought that the show ring was of little importance to him and much prefers walks in the lovely North Dorset countryside that we live in and sleeping on the settee.

Vince (Reizend Masterblaster from Overbecks)
Vince (Reizend Masterblaster from Overbecks)

I have been putting off writing these paragraphs about Vince because I suppose I thought that if I didn't he would still be with me. But alas I had to let him go on the 29th May 2006. He had become very lame over a short period of time and when x-rayed by my vet a cancerous tumour was detected. Fil thought we might have had a few more weeks with him and the strong painkillers seemed to be working but after three or four days it was clear to me that I had no choice but to have him put to sleep. To see my handsome dog that I loved so much in pain was unbearable and I could not let him suffer. His life ended in my arms just where it had begun.

I will never forget him and neither will my friends.

My dear friend Jo Ellis wrote the following poem and I am very grateful that she has allowed me to reproduce it as follows:

My last request

When the time comes to say goodbye,

please have the courage to let me fly,

I know it’s so hard to let go of your hold,

and let me go and rejoin friends of old,

Your heart maybe full of sorrow at my release,

but take comfort in the fact I will be at peace,

Until that day when we are all back together,

I can wait with the others and play in the heather,

So just remember when the time comes to say goodbye,

Please, Please have the courage to just let me fly.

written by Jo Ellis

Give the dog a bone, not me I hope.
Give the dog a bone, not me I hope.

On his many visits to the vets over the years he made friends with the staff, especially Wendy, who I know loved him to bits. He was always a "talker" which was a little off putting but I knew he was only having fun. The only way Fil could examine him was to sit on the floor and then he would sit on her lap. Not so easy to move from underneath 55 kilos!!!

One of his greatest enjoyments was to steal David's slippers and you could never get them away from him even if he was "bribed" with his favourite treats. The best trick was to take the slipper while David was still wearing it by clawing over the top of his feet, apparently very painful, but Vince never did it to anyone else.

Often when in the paddock if I stopped to look at something Vince would immediately come and sit on my feet so that he had to be cuddled.

Another favourite pastime was to chase the cyclists as they passed by on the road as it runs parallel with our paddock. Vince would race up "our side" and they appeared to pedal as fast as they could to avoid him. After all he was only trying to help them get fit!!

Dear Lynne

Very brave and correct decision to let Vince go. We are so sorry that he went downhill so very quickly. When you love your dogs and are sensible - this decision, hard as it is, is a kindness. You know that and to that extent makes it a little more bearable.

Poor fellow - he has had quite a bit to cope with in his short life - but it didnot alter his sparkle and enjoyment of life.

I know how hard this has been for you.

Best wishes,

Mike and all at Damory.


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Our fifth Rottweiler, a puppy we kept from Jazzies first litter is Overbecks Atlantic Liaison (Alice) HDS 3:3. she was born in January 1999 and qualified for Crufts several times in her puppy classes and was always knocking on the door in adult classes but due to an allergy problem has had to take premature retirement from the show ring. However she now lives life to the full at home with us and enjoys fun agility with our eldest son Andrew.

Alice Alice

Tragically only one month and one day after saying goodbye to Vince I had to do the same to Alice. On the 30th June 2006 she was admitted to the vets with what seemed to be severe stomach pains, where upon an inoperable ulcer was found. There was nothing that Dave, the vet, could do to save her and his advice was not to bring her round from the anaesthetic.

I went straight to the surgery and said goodbye where I held her tightly while she was put to sleep. This all happened within the space of seven hours and I still cannot believe how quickly she deteriorated.

Andrew, my eldest son, has bought a rose which we have planted in the garden for her it is called Princess Alice and that is exactly what she was.


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Our sixth and seventh Rottweilers are puppies kept from Jazzies second litter and born in September 2000. Overbecks Buffalo Bill (Cyrus) HDS 3:9 and his little sister Overbecks Bella Bellisimo (Raggie) HDS 3:3. Both of these youngsters qualified for Crufts several times and Cyrus especially has gone on to do very well in his adult classes. He has his fathers classic good looks and his mothers excellent movement, we are very proud of him.

In April 2003 Cyrus gained his Kennel Club Stud Book No. at The Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship Show (Judge – Mr. G. Lewis).

We successfully mated Cyrus with Scully and were very pleased with the ten puppies that were born in September 2003. We kept a bitch from this litter and she has gone on to do well in the show ring. More about her later.

During 2004 he has been consistently placed in Limit Dog classes. In August 2004 he won his first Limit Dog class and was awarded the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate as well at the Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club Championship Show near Leicester (Judge – Mr. S. Myring) certainly a marvellous day and never to be forgotten. At this point I would like to thank everybody who sent congratulatory cards and emails. In September 2004 Cyrus received from The Kennel Club his Show Certificate of Merit. What a marvellous four years it has been with this lovely home bred dog, such a gentleman in the show ring and a wonderful dog to live with. I am truly fortunate.

He has sired two more litters in early 2004 for Mrs. Heather Watkins (Nineglens) and Mrs. Wendy Hillier (Bergmann). Puppies from both of these litters have qualified for Crufts 2005 (Nineglens Celtic Thistle and Bergmann Norman) along with my own Overbecks Exquisite Affair. My youngest bitch Bergmann Nutmeg for Overbecks has commenced her showing career and we hope she follows in the successful pawprints of her father and siblings.

Cyrus (Overbecks Buffalo Bill)
Cyrus (Overbecks Buffalo Bill)
Farewell to Cyrus

Late one evening in October 2006 I receive a telephone call from my vets. They wanted to know if I could bring in one of my dogs to be a blood donor. The requirement was: a fit, healthy, relatively young dog, not in pup and not taking any medication. Cyrus fitted the bill!! I took him straight in to the surgery where he patiently had his neck shaved and with what seemed to me to be an enormous needle was then inserted into his jugular vein whereupon nearly a pint of blood was taken. I, of course, remained with him all of the time that he was in the operating theatre with all the surgical equipment around him and during that time he remained completely at ease. The blood that Cyrus was able to give helped save the life of a labrador bitch who had come into the vets for an emergency spaying operation but had internal bleeding so there was no way the vets could operate until they had his blood. I am very pleased to say that she is now fully recovered and is back in her own home.

In June 2007 Cyrus was called upon again to give blood at my vets. As you would expect he was happy to accompany me and behaved impecably while the blood was taken. I am very pleased to say that the Boxer bitch that received his blood is now very much better and returned home.

Cyrus gave blood again for the third time on 12th November 2007 to a Border Collie that had been involved in a road traffic accident. By Cyrus donating his blood to her it gave the vets hope and a fighting chance for her recovery. Unfortunately her injuries were so severe that she did not survive the operation. A very sad loss indeed when the collie was so young. Cyrus and I will always help where we can.

Once again, Cyrus has been a blood donor, the telephone call coming at one o'clock in the morning. I don't know who was more bleary eyed, me or him. Either way when half asleep it is very difficult to get dressed in a hurry. But we were in the surgery within fifteen minutes of the telephone call from Cesar Sastre, the vet on duty. Cyrus patiently gave his blood as is always the case and thankfully the labrador was well enough to go home two days later.

The following poem has been written about that night and I would like to share that with you: "Cyrus Cyrus" a poem by Eddie Nicol

'Cyrus has now given blood eight times and because of this has had a feature written about him in Dog World and two local newspapers. I hope that after all of this publicity it will encourage other dog owners to offer their dogs services to give blood so that if called upon by their vets they may well be able to help save injured dogs who without this service could die'

Hi Eddie,

I thought I would drop you a line now that a few days have passed, sadly Cyrus (our blood donor) was put to sleep on Monday (13th September 2010) he had a duodenal ulcer which because of its position was inoperable and to save him any further pain I decided with my vet that it was time to say goodbye Cyrus had just turned ten on the Friday before and we went on holiday the next day without him appearing unwell at all. It just goes to show how stoical our wonderful breed is. So this was doubly difficult with me in Scotland at the time but my son, Daniel and his wife, Donna were with him to the end and even if there was an aeroplane on the drive of the hotel I would not have got back to him in time. But I could not let him suffer. He was cremated the same day and his ashes returned to my son on the Tuesday. I flew home with a heavy heart yesterday knowing that the house would seem so empty even with the others there. You love them all but some just get to you a little more, don't they.

Now the tears are flowing again and I miss him terribly.

I must thank you once again for the lovely poem that you sent me and there is a framed copy in the vet's surgery next to a lovely photo of him and a note written by the nurses thanking him for all that he did to save other dogs. Only two weeks ago we lost his sister, Bella, to a heart attack, it was so sudden and my son, daughter-in-law and I are still coming to terms with that, he still arranges her bed every night and checks there is enough water for her even though he knows she is never coming back.

Then yesterday morning my Rottweiler Welfare bitch, Lucy, who came to us in January had another attack of bloat and to save her life my vet performed surgery on her which was successful and she is now at home with me.

This afternoon the doorbell rang and the local florist was standing there with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, initially I thought it was from my very caring cousin in Portsmouth but it was in fact from my vet, Dave Harding and his staff and the card reads as follows:

"Dear Lynne,

With grateful thanks for everything that Cyrus has done for us over the years and the many lives that he has saved. He will be sorely missed by us all.

With love from all at Damory".

How kind people are.

I will not breed anymore Rottweilers but when my two daughters of Cyrus are no longer here I will "adopt" a Rottweiler Welfare dog and hope that in my old age and his can give him a happy life for as long as he wants.

With best wishes and kind regards to you and Isabelle,


Hi Lynne,

Thank you for your E-Mail.

We share your sorrow with you and yes you are so correct when you say you love all your dogs but it is also true to say on occasion some are so special and Cyrus certainly filled that criteria. His passing will leave a void in your life but his uniqueness will live for ever and I am proud to have had the opportunity to write about his great gift of life to others. His memory will live on Lynne far beyond those of mortal dogs and you must be thankfull of being able to share his life. God bless him,


Hi Steve,

I had to have Cyrus put to sleep last Monday, he had an inoperable duodenal ulcer, difficult times, he had just had his tenth birthday.

Hope you and Mo are well.


Hello Lynne.

I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Cyrus was a wonderful boy, anyone would have felt proud to own him. He showed his head off for you when I judged him at Eastern Counties and it pleased me to give him his award and to see how much it meant to you at that time, you had to get out of bed early, see to your other dogs and then take the long drive to Tomlinsons Kennels at Markfied, I can remember you telling me that the journey home passed so quickly because of your excitement.

I feel honoured in knowing that when you look back on his show record my name is there to remind you of that memorable day, memorable for both of us my friend.

Lots of love to you both and all your fur kids.

Steve & Mo.xx

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Unfortunately Raggie sustained an injury to one of her back legs when quite young and thus curtailed her showing career. Her recuperation entailed hydrotherapy sessions and it soon became clear that she was indeed a water baby. Great fun was had by all at Liz Guy Halkes pool where Raggie very soon learnt to swim, eventually without the need of a flotation harness and always very happy to show off her skills to two and four legged clients. She would very happily swim amongst the strongest jets of water and when she tired would automatically move to calmer water and then return to the stronger currents once again. Nobody taught her this she just seemed to know.

Raggie (Overbecks Bella Bellisimo)
Raggie (Overbecks Bella Bellisimo)

Although Raggie was small in stature she was big in personality. One of the things she always liked to do was carry the lead for you while one of the dogs was attached to the other end and this inevitably involved us all getting tangled up.

She would quite often go for a "sleep over" to Jessica's where she had her own special blanket and toys.

I did not tell Jessica immediately that Raggie was not very well but you should never doubt what little children know as they pick up on things very quickly and she assured me that Raggie would be happy in the moon with Molly, Vince, Alice and her mum Jazzie. Sad times indeed.

Sadly on 05th October 2007 I had to say goodbye to Raggie, she had been unwell for two months and after a scan and an exploratory operation it was found that she had intestinal cancer. Even though she rallied for a little while on her medication I knew that she didn't have long and after a great deal of discussion with my vet, Dave, we felt that the kindest thing was to have her put to sleep to save her suffering in any way.

Raggie closed her eyes last night,
As her head was in my hand.
The vets said she was in pain,
And it was hard for her to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through my head,
As I cradled her in my arms.
Were of her younger, puppy years,
And her oh so many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart that’s filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "You need cry no more,
GOD also loves our Rottweilers,
And HE's installed a doggy-door!"

2007 has not so far been the best year for me having had four operations which although not serious have left me incapacitated for several weeks at a time including being on cructches for two separate eight week periods. Then to lose my beloved Jazzie and her daughter Raggie has brought even more anxiety. However I now know that Beri, my PBGV is in pup and appears to be expecting six or seven so perhaps this year will end on a happier note.

A brighter future I hope beckons for 2008. I have been asked to take over the secretarialship of Dorset County Caninie Society having been a committee member for some while now. Various judging and stewarding appointments will keep my diary full so I have decided that showing must take a back seat for the moment and this will give my injuries time to heal.

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Rio & Bella

Our eighth and ninth Rottweilers are puppies kept form Jazzies third litter which were born in May 2002. Overbecks Dreaming of Dubai (Rio) has successfully qualified for Crufts 2004. Overbecks Dixieland Dancer (Bella) will hopefully qualify soon.

Rio (Overbecks Dreaming of Dubai)
Rio (Overbecks Dreaming of Dubai)

Bella (Overbecks Dixieland Dancer)
Bella (Overbecks Dixieland Dancer)

When Rio qualified for Crufts at the SKC in August 2003 I was approached by a young couple who wanted to know about my dogs. They explained that they were looking for a puppy - hopefully in the Spring of 2004. I told them that I had puppies due in September 2003 and hoped to have another litter the following year. We spoke at some length and Hazel and David told me that they had both owned large breeds of dogs in the past and were very keen to learn more about Rottweilers. At the show they asked if they could meet my two dogs ( Rio and Cyrus). They fell in love with Rio instantly. We exchanged telephone numbers and they said they would keep in touch regarding having a puppy from me in 2004.

After two or three weeks I received a telephone call from Hazel and David to enquire how the new litter was getting along as they had explained that they would like to fly down to see the puppies even though they knew that they were all booked.

We chatted for some time on the telephone and David asked me if I had ever re-homed any of my older dogs (David and Hazel are both keen hill walkers and felt that obviously a puppy would not be able have the exercise that they liked but that an older dog would). I have never re-homed any of my dogs before but they are such a lovely couple that we agreed to talk further.

They flew down from Scotland several times over the next few weeks to form a relationship with Rio - who it has to be said seemed to worship them and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. So just before Christmas 2003 we arranged to take Rio to meet them at the halfway stage of the journey near Blackpool .

When I telephoned David and Hazel to tell them that we were just joining the M6 at Birmingham and that it would take us another one and a half to two hours to get to them they said there was no need to hurry as in their keenness to pick up Rio had driven down from Edinburgh the night before and stayed at the lodge where they were waiting for us. I knew then that this partnership was going to work. When we arrived at Blackpool Rio went mad when she saw them and I was so pleased although a little sad as well, but I knew that she would be the centre of their lives and have the best time ever.

As we left the service station there were tears from both Hazel and myself but we promised to keep in touch.

To my great pleasure Rio is having the time of her life, walking on the beaches and in the parks and has settled down with David and Hazel to become a real Scottish lassie!!

We have our holidays in Scotland each year and when we travel up we are going to see Rio and her lovely family.

In August 2004 we flew to Scotland and met up with Rio, David and Hazel. As I expected, Rio had not forgotten me and it was lovely to take her for a walk and see how obedient she was. Everybody that we met commented on what we already knew that she is a great ambassador for the breed. Her manners are impeccable and those dark eyes soften everybody’s hearts. It was sad to leave her but we know that we shall see her again soon.

At Christmas 2009 Rio was taken ill with what Hazel and David thought was a stomach bug. Their vet examined Rio, she was given antibiotics and seemed to rally for a few weeks. Suddenly she became very ill again, this time the vet opened her up and sadly found several tumours. He said that if he was to bring her round she would probably have only a month or so to live. Hazel and David made the only decision they could and allowed the vet to put Rio to sleep. Hazel phoned me immediately with the dreadful news. I have tried to reassure her that Rio had the best time of her life with them both and I couldn't have asked for better more caring owners. Hazel and David have another dog at home called Alfie and I am sure he will bring comfort to them, but you know, you never get over losing your first Rottweiler because they really are special, Rio's mum Jazzie was very special to me and is missed constantly.

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Bella came back to us after being in her new home for only a few weeks, sadly due to personal problems the family were unable to keep her. Daniel and Donna immediately said that they wished to have her and she would ride in Dan's van to and from our house while he was at work during the day. Bella in the early days did not travel very well and many a morning when Daniel had dropped her off he would then have to turn round and wash out her crate where she had deposited all sorts of unmentionables! But with perseverance and patience eventually she took to riding in the van and would happily sit on the front seat.

Sadly on 31st August 2010 at the age of 8.5 years Bella was put to sleep with Daniel and I with her right to the end. She too, had suffered with a duodenal ulcer but what ended her life so quickly was a heart attack. She collapsed at home and we managed to get her to my vet, I called Daniel and he raced back from where he was working and met me there. Bella was very poorly but I am sure she recognised him. After talking again with my vet the decision was made to put her to sleep. We brought her home and Daniel's two little girls said their goodbyes. They understand that animals don't live for ever and that we have to let them go when they are very ill. Bella was cremated the same day and Daniel has her ashes at home.

Bella now lives in the moon with her mum, dad, brothers and sisters. Gone but never forgotten


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DeDe was born on 24th September 2003 (Overbecks Buffalo Bill x Reizend Sweetest Feeling At Overbecks JW). Her Kennel Club registered name is Overbecks Exquisite Affair and at four and half months old is driving us all round the bend!! But that's what puppies do don't they. She likes to spend her days using her mother as a trampoline but has learned not to aggravate her granny too much. Since beginning her show career DeDe has had several placings at Championship Shows since April 2004 and has now qualified for Crufts 2005 by coming second in her puppy class at Bournemouth Championship Show in August 2004. She has won all of her breed puppy classes at open show level and has been placed in all of her puppy groups. In October this year DeDe had her hips xrayed for the BVA/hip dysplasia scheme and the results were a very respectable 5:5.

Overbecks Exquisite Affair (DeDe)

Overbecks Exquisite Affair (DeDe)

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Or Lollipop to her friends was born on 04th May 2004 (Overbecks Buffalo Bill x Winds of Change for Bergmann). Her Kennel Club registered name is Bergmann Nutmeg for Overbecks and I hope to start showing her in November 2004. If she is anything like her sister DeDe it certainly will be entertaining!!

Lollipop (left) and DeDe (right)
Lollipop (left) and DeDe (right)
Lollipop: Photo by Steve Jefford

Lollipop won the Junior bitch class at the Scottish Kennel Club Show on 21st May 2005 and therefore qualifies for Crufts 2006. (Judge - Mrs. Leanna Lewis)

Lolli has had her hips scored under the BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme recently and we are very pleased with the result of 3:4

On 17th June 2006 Lolli won Post Graduate Bitch at The Border Union Championship Show and therefore qualifies for Crufts 2007

Lolli has now been mated with Mr. and Mrs. M. Taylors Annmar Strider and puppies are due on 09th December 2007

On 09th December 2007 Lolli produced a lovely litter of five puppies by Annmar Strider. Unfortunately I had to disappoint several prospective puppy owners but was able to put them in touch with other breeders. This was my first litter of undocked puppies and I was very pleased with the rusults. I hope that another litter with Annmar Strider will be forthcoming in the Spring of 2009, when I will keep one for myself. This is likely to be my last litter of Rottweilers now the ranks at home are sadly depleted. I feel that this is a very sensible decision as I am getting older and as I will always take back any dog I have bred, for whatever reason and at whatever age for rehoming I may well by then be into my sixties and feel that doing all this again into my seventies would be very irresponsible.

In January 2009 I was asked if Lolli would like to be in a photo shoot for the upmarket coffee table magazine "Country Life". We agreed to do this and her photo was on the front page of the magazine along with a full page photo inside and a light hearted article. I think she very much enjoyed being the centre of attention and of course as you would expect changed the minds of the photographers and lighting people who were no doubt a little dubious about their work that day. They all fell in love with her.

In February 2011 Lolli became a blood donor at my local veterinary practice for the first time taking over the mantle of her father, Cyrus. As expected she behaved impeccably and gave nearly a pint without flinching

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Haliston Risette With Overbecks (Beri)

Beri (who thinks she is a Rottweiler) was born on the 19th January 2005 and is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen which literally translated means small, low to the ground hound from the Vendee region of France and used for rabbiting. Their nickname is the happy breed and they are certainly that - always smiling and into mischief.

I have admired these little dogs for some years now and when the opportunity arose to have one I was delighted. Beri is from the Haliston Kennels of Rose Phillips from Lincolnshire.

Whilst on a Rottweiler judging appointment at Newark I met Rose and she invited me to her home to meet her hounds which I did the following day. She explained about the litter that was planned and Beri was one of the resulting puppies.

Beri has been very successful in 2005 and qualified for Crufts 2006 at the tender age of seven months. She has already qualified for 2007 and now 2008 by winning her post graduate class at Malvern, a second at Kelso and a third at Blackpool and I am of course thrilled with her achievements.

I will never give up on my Rottweilers but know that age and "cranky knees" catch up with us all and I am not able to run them as much as I would like in the show ring. I will always plan to have two or three Rottweilers to show if possible but know that my "retirement breed" will be these little devils.

Beri produced six healthy puppies on 15th November 2007, 4 bitches and 2 dogs, one at least bound for Australia in the New Year. She is a fantastic mum and I appear to be redundant at the moment. However I am sure I will be called upon to clean up after them once they are weaned!!

On 15th November 2007 Beri gave birth to six healthy Petits, what fun they were and so naughty. One, (Overbecks Veuve Clicquot) is now in Australia and being shown with success. Three puppies have remained with me, (O. Billecart Salmon, O Roederer Cristal and O Louis Roederer who will commence their showing career shortly along with Beri who is teaching them a thing or two!! As I have said before these little chaps will be my retirement breed.

Beri 3 puppies

The Royal Adelaide Show

Overbecks Veuve Clicquot owned by myself and Dr. Roberta Veale wins BP in Breed at The Royal Adelaide Show, South Australia, September 2008.

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Ruby & Cerys

Ruby and Cerys' litter were born on 03rd November 2006 being a mating between my DeDe (Overbecks Exquisite Affair) and Travis (Annmar Strider JW ShCM) owned by Anne and Mark Taylor. There KC names are Overbecks Gamble in Gold and Overbecks Going Going Gone from Annmar. Both have done well in the show ring including qualifying for Crufts for 2008. Hoping for continued success in the coming years.

As I have been so delighted with this litter I have now mated DeDe's half sister (Lolli) to Travis and hopefully puppies will be due around 09th December 2007. It looks like I get out of doing another Christmas lunch again!! Some people will go to any lengths so that they don't have to cook!!

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In November 2009 I was approached by Rottweiler Welfare to see whether I would take in an elderly Rottweiler who had lived in a yard all her life with a GSD, I picked her up from Stafford in early January 2010 and her name was Lucy. She had arthritis as you would probably expect and after a lovely soak in the bath she moved straight into the basket by the Aga in the kitchen, with the squeaky pig that she stole from the toy box on her way through, subsequently ousting DeDe from the basket much to her disgust as she was its original inhabitant! This little pig remained Lucy's favourite toy going everywhere with her.

Welfare thought that she was about seven years old so I knew we wouldn't have many years with her. Sadly she developed bloat and had to have a stomach operation to alleviate the symptons and seemed to rally well after that. Towards the end of 2010 while I was away in Australia Lucy developed a lump on her shoulder, when I returned sadly this was diagnosed as a spindle cell tumour which my vet, Dave said was inoperable. Various tests and biopsies only confirmed the worst as was expected. My role after that was to keep her comfortable and as pain free as possible until the inevitable day came.  Having been examined weekly after the diagnosis Lucy coped remarkably well with her condition but I could not let her suffer and at her last appointment it was apparent that the time had come to say goodbye. She slipped away very peacefully with her head resting on a pillow on 01st March 2011.

Dave Harding, my vet sent this card to me saying

Dear Lynne

Apologies for delaying writing but I wanted to say how sorry I was to put Lucy to sleep a few weeks ago. I'm glad that she passed away peacefully and seeing her on that Tuesday, I had no doubt that it was the right time to let her go. Despite having a year with you full of medical disasters, I'm sure she would be most grateful for all the care she received and having such a wonderful opportunity to torment all those other dogs!!

Best wishes


I had spoken with the welfare society and kept them up to speed with regards to Lucy's condition, they too were very sorry to hear of my loss and their condolences were very much appreciated.

At the time of writing this I do not feel that I can take another rescue dog as the pain of them leaving so soon is too much to bear. But time is a great healer and the dogs are such fabulous company, who knows!!

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