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Scullys' puppies were born on 24th September 2003 , 6 dogs and 3 bitches.

As is typical of Scullys laid back approach to life, she waited for a sensible hour in the morning before giving birth.

The puppies arrived at regular intervals but as lunchtime approached Scully decided that she needed a much earned siesta. After having had her lunch and a sleep she carried on with the job in hand.

Scully is a wonderful mother and as the pups grew stronger and older she would often lie with them even though they were not suckling.

The puppies have all gone to relatively local homes and the one having travelled the furthest was to Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire.

Three of the puppies are destined for the showring (hopefully) and I would like to wish good luck to

Claire and Paul with Overbecks Eire Apparent (Harvey)

Chrissie with Overbecks Enfante Terrible (Hugo)

and my own Overbecks Exquisite Affair (DeDe)


On 2nd October 2005 DeDe whelped a very healthy litter of 4 dogs and 6 bitches. The sire of these puppies is Ch. Feel The Force Of Bergmann. As you would expect they have kept me very busy. All the puppies have gone to such wonderful homes from Lincolnshire in the north to Kenya and Australia in the south!! The exporting of the puppies was made incredibly easy for me by using the Ryslip Group at Bracknell and of course my veterinary practice in Blandford.

DeDe has now had her second litter (5 bitches and 3 dogs) born on 03rd November 2006. The sire of this litter is Annmar Strider 1CC, 2 RCC, JW, Sh CM (Travis) owned by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Taylor of Caerphilly. The puppies arrived 3 days early and weighed between 14 oz and 1lb 4 oz, mother and babies doing well, granny shattered!!

DeDe Second Litter DeDe Second Litter

The whole litter were booked with deposits paid before they were born and unfortunately I had to disappoint some prospective owners as there were not enough puppies for everyone. Because of this I always try and make sure I know of other litters due so that I am able to put these people in touch with breeders equally as reputable as me who are then able to help.

DeDe Second Litter DeDe Second Litter

I hope to return to the show ring with DeDe in 2007 and around December 2007 to have a litter of puppies from Lolli. I already have enquiries and bookings for this litter as some people have said that they would prefer to wait for one of mine rather than go elsewhere.

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