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Evening Lynne

Thought I would get round to letting you know how Grannam is getting on. She is a true beauty, by far the most beautiful rottweiler ever, in our eyes at least.

She has proved to be an invaluable part of Peter's job, having seen off the odd poacher or two. She is a true member of our family, with a fantastic nature and a lovely disposition. Everyone loves her.

She has a great friend, his name is Alfred and he is a lurcher, they have great times together. Sadly we lost our beautiful Fawny last year to an accident whilst out rabbitting.

The 2 of them are currently in the lounge on their comfy beds watching the telly, no outside kennels for these spoilt buggers.

That's all for now, hope you and your lovely dogs are well.


Pete and Deb Orchard


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