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Dear Lynne,

I thought I would just write to tell how wonderful Shadow (Overbecks Cool Customer) and Angel (Overbecks Extra Special) are doing. Shadow has got used to the noise that Angel can produce if she doesn't get her own way.  He was always so quiet, the same can't be said for Angel, a female with a voice
to be heard.

We took your advice about not giving them total time together which has been of advantage to both.

Shadow would have hated his snooze time interrupted. They are not exercised together which has meant that Shadow goes first and Angel has got used to waiting (not always with out a fuss).

Play time is normally Angel playing and then the School Bully Shadow appears and takes what ever she has, off to the security of his crate and hides it. He is however very tolerant of her and allows a lot of ear, lip and scruff biting before he makes it clear that he has had enough. The sweetest thing to see is if she is  asleep he licks her as he passes by to take his place at my feet, in the comfort of the lounge. Shadows temperament is remarked on by everyone we meet, especially the vet. Once he has got over the hello stage, he is a star, even the constant changes we made to our lives to have Angel hasn't changed him. He is as patient, quiet and loveable as ever. An ambassador to the breed.

Training Angel seems to have been much easier, she follows what Shadow does, some of the time, but I think that she is very much like Scully and feels that any situation could mean food!.

She however is very social and has no fear of any situation we have come across.

Angel is still Andy's lap dog even though she weighs 12Kg plus now, if he sits on the floor she has to sit in between his legs which is fine but she still insists on sitting on him when he is in the chair at the computer.

Andy is still at home all day so they are both getting so much fuss. It must be hard to make that parting but I hope you know the joy you have given us.

I know I said it before but anytime you are passing please feel free to come and see them.


Best Wishes,

Andy and Elaine

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