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Dear Lynne,
I thought you might like to have these photographs of Jay, (Overbecks Editor in Chief) taken earlier  this month. As you can see the "bunny" is still a very favoured toy and surprisingly undamaged although it gets chewed a lot and has had many trips through a washing cycle, so far it has only lost its tail and has a slightly shredded blue ribbon!!

Jay is as adorable as he looks. He eats like a horse, sleeps like a log and has his nose into just about everything. He is very brave, very intelligent and very, very determined. Of course he thinks I'm a pushover but does run hell for leather for the security of his basket if Philip tells him off. He doesn't like being told off and goes off on a right little tizzy if you wag a finger at him!!

Everything on the work surfaces has to be kept well back or he jumps up and helps himself to just about anything and his favourite trick is to help unload things from the washing machine as fast as I load them. Often the old machine is halfway through a wash cycle when I discover a sock or a pair of underpants safely tucked away in his basket. He prefers to steal Philips dirty washing, probably because of its richer odour of the building site in comparison to my more sophisticated pong of Shalimar.

Jay loves his walks and I have to say is much better on the lead than my other two Rottweilers were. He is not at all nervous of the traffic and wants to be made a fuss of by everybody that walks past, which of course goes down well.

He is getting on well with West now and doesn't want to go out in the garden without him. I do separate them a fair amount when they are indoors because Jay just won't leave him alone and West is a quiet boy who loves his rest. So I just shut the door between the kitchen and the utility and breakfast rooms so West can have some peace. That works well for Jay too, he accepts that when they are separated and the doors are shut its time to rest. 

Jay uses the kitchen as his base since it is tiled and he is still a little erratic with his toilet behaviour. He can be out in the garden for ages and then come straight indoors and pee, he does seem to realise it's not quite the thing to do but as yet can't quite get out of the habit. However he is still just a baby and to help him get the hang of it we spend a lot of time loitering behind curtains when he is in the garden, just so we can fire out of the door when we see him going outside to deliver some well deserved praise which he certainly appreciates, although I'm not convinced he knows why he's getting all the pats and the "good boys".

He is fascinated by Wests bodily functions and gets just a touch too close to the action sometimes and has to have a quick clean up. It's usually little blobs of poop on top of his head - very nice!!

Jay has only been sick once since he's been home. That was again a fascination with poop, not sure whether it was his own or Wests' but he ate it - ugh!!. It didn't stay down long, in fact it all came back up with his lunch - it was a disgusting mess, most of which was delivered in his basket, thank goodness it's plastic and could be cleaned up with some very hot water and disinfectant. Anyway that one occurence seems to have put him off for good and he now reserves the swallowing for more palatable morsels.

Well I think that's the complete update and I know you will be pleased to hear that everything is going on so well.

We hope all is well with your two and four legged family and wish you all a Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,

Paula, Philip, Jay and West. 

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