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Dear Lynne,

Overbecks Cry Of The Celts, Aged 7 Weeks (Benson)I am sorry it has taken us so long to write to you but things are very hectic in our lives and Benny is just one of us now. That’s not quite what I meant. He is our life and we can’t do anything without thinking of him first, but we love him to bits and he adores being cuddled.

My love for Rotties started when I first walked out of work and across the street only to be headed off by a huge slobbering monster of a dog that was delighted to meet me even though I was a complete stranger. After that I used to see him frequently and would chat with his Mum called Sharon. The dog was called Taz and I introduced him to Jamie, my boyfriend, who also fell instantly in love with him.

After a while we forgot about Taz and started gutting our house. Then suddenly we had a phone call from Sharon to say that a lady called Lynne Scott in Dorset had a litter of puppies. It took one call of one minute with Jamie to agree that we would speak to her.

You know the rest, and you very kindly picked us up from Southampton Airport and drove us to your home where we stayed overnight before our journey back to Guernsey on the ferry from Weymouth with our new puppy. We all sat around your kitchen table trying to decide on a name for the puppy when “Benson” was suggested, we were all in agreement over this then you went on to explain that Scully’s father had been called Benson so it all seemed very appropriate. We loved all of your dogs and were looking forward to having one with such a lovely temperament.

It was fabulous to have this gorgeous little bundle in my arms as we drove down to the ferry. The hardest part was leaving Benny in his little crate on the car deck while we went onto the passenger deck. We worried about him so much we went down after only half an hour but he was fast asleep and slept the whole of the ferry crossing.

Amazingly he settled in very quickly and even ate some food. After calling you and saying this we took your advice and put him on a lead and he trotted round the garden as if he had been doing this all of his life. He immediately laid claim to the broom, my gardening gloves, my trainers, my Bagpuss slippers and my dressing gown. As soon as he had all of his jabs he was taken out to do the ‘rounds’, everybody loves him. As the weeks have gone by his brother Chubby has been round to play, we were all concerned about how they would react together but they just started to play and play. Even though it was raining hard we out them out into the garden where they had a serious game of chase.

Benny was (and still is) quite a lot bigger than Chubby, but Chubby is certainly far better behaved.

Next stop was a breeder of another type of dog (short, very long coated, you will note that we are already Rottie snobs!!) We went into town to meet him and Benson was really good with all the other people around him. The breeder thought he was very handsome with a wonderful temperament and it was really amazing how many people stopped us to say hello to Benny and comment on how lovely and docile a breed they really are.

His current lessons are, wait when we are walking, this settles or slows him, sit (not too difficult), down (when he pleases), give paw (more like a right hook) and playing fetch is now sorted. We are most proud of the fact that when you give him a treat you can so ‘no’ and then ‘good boy’ and only then does he carefully take the treat from you. The most difficult lesson at the moment is ‘stay’. In the house he is fairly good, outside it is a very different story.

He is extremely good around my rabbits, when I go to feed them he comes too but never bothers them and he is fascinated by the chattering of the guinea pigs.

His favourite toy is a dumbbell with strange sounding squeakers, if we don’t feel like playing he throws this around himself.

In May we started to put in new flower beds and lay water pipes. Benny was exceptional when it came to digging the trenches and really loved being able to mess around in the mud.

Benson is adorable and we can’t thank you enough for our baby is now weighs over six stones, loves having his teeth cleaned, loves visiting everybody, walkies are great and loves sharing his toys with people when they come to visit. He would probably welcome the burglars with open paws!! He also likes beer and tomato juice – but not at the same time.

Our kitchen is almost complete and so Benny has his room back and doesn’t chew any woodwork anymore. Also house training has improved tremendously over the last week.

I had a very hard time in June as my beloved horse fell ill and died, the is was the most traumatic time I have been through but was definitely made easier by having Benson to cuddle.

We had a weeks’ holiday at the end of August and it was very hard to leave Benny. He was a saint for my friend who “house and Benny” sat. But he whined every night for hours when we came home so next time we might take him on a doggy holiday. Maybe we can bring him to see you.

Once again, thank you so much for allowing us to have Benson, with best wishes

Debbie, Jamie and Benny

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