Letters From New Puppy Owners

  The following letters have been received from puppy owners:

“Milly is wonderful and the nicest looking Rotti we have had. A bit worried she thought she was a sheep....[more]

“As you can see I like my creature comforts, and am a very good looking guy....[more]

“Enclosed are a couple of photo’s of Tuscan (Fame & Fortune, DeDe & Dennis’ Litter)....[more]

“Here we are with both my babies, a little bigger since you last saw us....[more]

“I am sorry it has taken us so long to write to you but things are very hectic in our lives and Benny....[more]

“I thought you might like to have these photographs of Jay, (Overbecks Editor in Chief) taken earlier  this month....[more]

“I thought I would just write to tell how wonderful Shadow (Overbecks Cool Customer) and Angel....[more]

“Picture of Jessie Jayne to cheer you up (or worry you to death) enjoying her daily swim....[more]

“Just been looking through your website, it is a great read and also very sad....[more]

“Thought I would get round to letting you know how Grannam is getting on....[more]

“Just a quick note to let you know that Zena is doing well & getting very big....[more]

“Picture of Benny attached for you to admire - I am a bit biased mind....[more]

“Hiyr thought i better send you some pics....[more]

“I just want to say to you on behalf of all the family, a big thank you for letting us have her....[more]

"I just wanted to e-mail to thank you for your advice on Nathan...[more]"


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